Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, information and legal regulations in force regarding the delivery of a funeral car from Italy and its final registration in Romania. Information on the export procedure, deregistration and its registration in Romania or in another state. Basic information and rules for buying a new or used car, with special equipment for the funeral sector – cemetery.

Each hearse delivered by AirCars will be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Certificate of ownership Italy
  • The original car booklet
  • Sale-purchase contract
  • Fiscal bill
  • Deletion of the car from the Italian Auto Registry
  • The approval plate of the car must be affixed to the body

Our machines for funeral companies enjoy the “UsatoSelection” guarantee. This includes a check by our mechanics of both the engine, mechanical parts, transmission, components and electrical operation. Immediate repair with original parts of any defects. The car that is sold with the “UsatoSelection” warranty option will have the inspection performed before delivery as well as the technical verification in every detail. Usato Selection granted by AirCars certifies that the car sold has not had accidents in the past and has no hidden operating defects. UsatoSelection is an Aircars warranty exclusively for models sold by us that certifies to the buyer the purchase of a verified, quality car.

Yes, of course it is possible. If the choice of the funeral car is already made online, having the confirmation of the sales agent we assure you that what you have chosen will correspond exactly to your quality requirements that have been previously presented and discussed. The representative of our company will be at the airport as agreed. Including the insurance and the original documents for its registration in Romania.

And it’s clear the car will have … the tank full.

In the field of funeral car deliveries, there is no commercial meaning of the term, buy-back, which means the operation of buying a new funeral car and the decision of the owner of a used funeral car to cover part of the advance to be paid for the new funeral car. of the value of the funeral machine used.

From concluding the contracts for the realization and delivery of a funeral machine we already know with a minimum of 3 months in advance which are the brands and models of used funeral machines that will become part of our fleet of funeral machines. A hearse arrives in our “UsatoSelection” park only after it has been carefully checked by our mechanics and received their approval through a careful evaluation of its quality.

We are talking about a very delicate sector of cars with special features. There are many differences depending on the quality of the materials used (steel sheet, fiberglass, stainless steel, composite materials, etc.) but especially on the qualification and seriousness of the companies that built the car. In order to avoid a faulty communication in which the buyer may misunderstand certain types of manufacturing, we reserve the right to be at your disposal to provide you immediately with any necessary information on the quality, price and delivery conditions for cars published on the site.

As a pricing policy and out of respect for the customer, the prices indicated by phone are then confirmed by us and in writing (SMS or e-mail). The prices confirmed by us are already the real sales prices, which cannot be negotiated further. We do not agree with the technique of inflating the initial prices and then to give the customer the illusion that he has obtained a fictitious discount. The figures indicated are already calculated on the basis of the real market value and the actual state of use of the machines. The prices are unique for each car with the “usatoselection” guarantee.

We always adapt according to the requirements of our clients regarding the payment methods of a funeral car that will be delivered in Romania. We always strive to meet your requirements. The people we know as customers usually become our friends. We rejoice every time we receive positive ratings and especially when our customers come back years later to buy another funeral car.

The transfer of ownership and delivery of the car will take place only after accreditation. Therefore, we emphasize that each payment method has different legal times and please take this into account when calculating the time of collection of the machine. Out of respect for all customers who follow this procedure, we cannot make exceptions.

Of course! We offer you the possibility to book a funeral car even from a distance. Call us only to receive the necessary data and with a small payment as an advance, we will reserve the car you have chosen for the agreed period of time. The amount paid will obviously be deducted from the cost of the car. The completion of the commercial transaction needs to be completed within the time agreed with you.

Yes. With a few exceptions, 99% of the cars that are published in our field are already owned by our company and are immediately available for sale and delivery to the buyer. The difference of 1% is represented by commercial agreements that our company can have with other partner companies that in their turn can publish for sale these types of cars. It is clear that for any funeral car the location where it is located and where it can be picked up will be indicated.

If you are looking for a more special model of funeral machine, do not hesitate to contact us by phone and ask us questions. We are professionals and we know absolutely any information about funeral machines made in Italy. A sales consultant will be at your disposal to give you a precise answer to any question.

The sales consultant who will handle your request will confirm the availability of the car requested by you and the date when you want to pick it up from one of our Delivery Points. It is always important to have a telephone confirmation to confirm the date and time of the meeting with the AirCars representative. We will take care of absolutely everything necessary for the delivery of the car on the same day that you arrive at our headquarters. If you are in Romania, it is important to contact our sales agent to make sure that the car is available on the date when you want to pick it up from our headquarters.

The cars that we usually publish for sale for Romania are cars owned by our company. We have three storage points where we can deliver the car that is ordered by you. You will find the location of these points if you access the Customer Support information page in Romania. Of course, because in agreement with you we can deliver the desired car to any point you want, regardless of whether this location is in Italy or in Romania.

Funeral cars that have the best ratio of quality, price and reliability over time are by far the models built by the famous Mercedes Benz company. It is a brand famous for both the quality of the engines and the robustness of the chassis and body. Parts and components for engines or other mechanical parts are easy to find if needed. For both new and used cars, we can offer a multi-brand selection, including cars that are not currently on display on site. Periodically we have for sale brands such as: Chrysler, Lancia, Jaguar or Ford. But as I mentioned above these are occasional price offers.

Yes, Aircars specializes in the production of new funeral machines produced in Italy as well as used funeral machines with the “UsatoSelection” option and warranty.