AirCars offers commercial assistance to companies in order to purchase drills or funeral cars.

If you decide to come to Italy by plane, the closest airports to us are Treviso Airport and Marco Polo Airport in Venice. We will greet you at the airport, pick you up and take care of your accommodation at one of the hotels near us and we will take care of the smooth running of things. If you choose to come to Italy by car, the distance, from Oradea to us for example, is only 1037 km, of which about 1000 km are on the highway. The time required to cover the distance is about 12 hours.

If the choice of the funeral car is already made online, we assure you that what you have chosen will be exactly with your quality requirements that have been discussed previously. If time does not allow, we can deliver the car of your choice directly to the airport of arrival. The insurance and the documents necessary for its registration in Romania are included.

Mostly (unless otherwise agreed) funeral cars are delivered to our customers directly from our warehouse in Via Don Bosco 14, ZIP 33043 Cividale del Friuli, Province of Udine (IT) or for cars new in Ospedaletto Euganeo (Industrial Area), Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 5, Postal Code 33045, Province of Padua, Italy. On this occasion we have the opportunity to get to know each other personally, to present you the new models of funeral machines that exist in production and to present you the way the funeral machines are built.

After your choice of the funeral car and after signing the contract of sale and purchase, the documents for erasing the funeral car from the Italian car register will be drawn up in order to export it. Obtaining the deregistration documents can be done on the same day of signing the contract but obtaining the provisional numbers for a period of 5 days as well as obtaining the insurance for the same period requires a time of 3 working days.

We are professionals. We always adapt according to the requirements of our clients regarding the payment methods of a funeral car that will be delivered. We always strive to meet your requirements. People we know as customers usually become our friends. We rejoice every time we receive positive ratings and especially when our customers come back years later to buy another funeral car.