Funeral cars

AirCars is a company based in Italy, formed by specialists with a long experience in the production and sale of new and used funeral cars for the European market. Through our experience we have created and developed an innovative management for the presentation and sale of funeral machines and drums, taking into account any request that comes from customers.

We are professionals in our work and we respond to our clients’ requests with concrete solutions and precise information to help them make an immediate decision regarding the purchase of a funeral car.

We always know the pulse of the market and we take into account absolutely any commercial detail that our customers need when they want to buy a funeral car. We want to represent in the future for your company an important interlocutor for the purchase of cars and funeral homes.

We always guarantee our customers a transparent commercial communication. We collaborate with the most important banks and leasing companies for the purchase of new cars. We always adapt to our customers’ requests for a personalized payment method depending on the possibilities of the company you run.

We are at your disposal and we assure you of our maximum availability to answer you directly to any question you want to ask us. Thank you!


We are professionals in this field. Our experience helps you make the right choice for your company!


We have connections with the best and strongest banks on the market. Apply for a loan to get the product you are looking for.


The experience, the transparency of the commercial contracts, the professionalism and the seriousness that we have always shown have brought us many clients.


We have partners who recommend us and we can rely on. CarriFunebri.it is a partner of the AirsalmEXPO Exhibition and the AirSalm Company.

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