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Mercedes First Line Funeral Car / Hearse, RC Autotrasformazioni

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Roberto Cantinelli Autotrasformazioni is pleased to present the new Mercedes First Line 4-door hearse

An elegant and discreet choice: the Mercedes hearse

Is it possible to express respect and reverence for the coffin, precisely by means of the hearse that will transport it? The answer is yes, and that is the mission of self-transformation.

The Mercedes funeral car comes from a skillful search for solemn lines, precisely expressed through the structure of the vehicle.

Transforming a Mercedes into a Mercedes hearse means thinking about how to add value not only to the vehicle, but also to what it will do. Supporting the moment of mourning, accompanying the ritual and expressing reserved elegance: these are just some of the guarantees for choosing this model. The Mercedes chassis is modified to accommodate the coffin and support a final journey worthy of the highest class.

The Mercedes hearse guarantees the maximum elegance of the vehicle, discreet inside and out. It is a vehicle that, when transformed in an artisanal way, allows for safe transportation under repeated circumstances. The frame, elongated to accommodate and protect the casket, is made extremely solid by skilled workmanship.

Technical data
  • Cockpit with 4 seats (including driver).
  • Funeral compartment used for transporting a coffin.
  • Storage behind the rear seat. Standard hydraulic tailgate.
  • Air conditioning in the rear compartment.
  • Interior LED lighting.
  • Internal and external stainless steel profiles and washable material according to the regulations in force. 
  • Radio microphone.
  • Removable hydraulic platform.
  • Rear view camera.
  • Height-adjustable suspension in the passenger compartment.
  • Additional air suction system from the back of the coffin door
  • Complete steel set for crown supports
  • Eco-friendly leather with exclusive handcrafted stitching
  • Electric / hydraulic coffin lifting system
  • Height-adjustable rear suspension
  • Internal control panel for the back of the coffin door positioned next to the tailgate opening
  • LED light customization
  • Partition wall between the cabin and the approved coffin compartment
  • Rear door automatic coffin door compartment with original remote control
  • Side glass secured in the coffin door compartment
  • Split and foldable rear seat with storage compartments under the seats
  • Stainless steel casket door plan with trolley
  • The car is made of composite materials with an exclusive design
  • The car is made with a design that conveys strong personality and simplified silhouette in the unmistakable style Biemme Special Cars

In order to have commercial information regarding the order and signing of a contract for a new hearse, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer that produces the model you want.

You can find the manufacturer's contact details on the contact page that is available for each individual car.

If you want to be contacted by the manufacturer of the hearse model you have chosen, it is enough to fill out the contact form. The commercial office will contact you at the phone number or e-mail address published in the contact form.
Thank you.

Roberto Cantinelli Autotrasformazioni

Via Casilina Sud, 371 – 03013 Ferentino FR, Italy
Tel: +39 0775 271684

  • Make / Model Mercedes Benz
  • Condition New
  • First Registration 2011