Four-door Metis Funeral Car

Four-door Metis Funeral Car

Everyone in the funerary sector knows that Biemme Special Cars established itself as a leader brand in luxury hearse manufacturing.

The 2010-2012 period has been highly favourable for Biemme Special Cars hearses, which showed to the market the quality, design, and style of the company alongside accessible financial proposals.

This brand’s funeral cars are presented and widely recognised and appreciated both in Italy and abroad in the event of national and international fairs.

A new generation of funeral cars has been produced since 2010, the four-door Metis and the two-door Metis built on Mercedes Benz W212 long-wheelbased structure. The four-door Metis is the most famous, appreciated and demanded model of hearse built on Mercedes Benz E class structure.

This funeral car is a prestigious vehicle with an harmonious design and a frame made with the distinctive style of Biemme Special Cars. The final product is the perfect mix of high-technology, best functionality, refined elegance, absolute reliability, security, and last but not least, an affordable price for funeral homes that want this treasure in their garage.

The dimension, for the hearses, are always important. In this case it is more than 20 feet (6 meters) long. The harmonious aesthetic lines melt on the frame creating a pleasant visual impact thanks to the back side embossment of the frame that generate a contour above the wheels giving an extraordinary aesthetic impulse.

A significant feature is the inside of the coffin compartment from both the aesthetic and visual point of view: the disposition of the compartment is flawless and the ambience is warm, cosy and scenic. It is able to highlight the importance of each and every coffin with dignity thanks to the high-intensity LED lighting. The different versions available (Executive, Steel Design, Leather Design, Top Marbled Design e Top Crystal Design) make every funeral car special.

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