With a few exceptions, buying a used funeral car saves you a lot of worries “post-purchase” if you follow a few tips that will help you help you make a wise decision. First of all, always buy from the professionals who guarantee the product you bought. They will check the past of your car, the technical condition and how it was taken care of by the former owner. A professional will always provide accurate information about the car you are going to buy, about the equipment it has and about the quality of the mechanical parts (engine, gearbox, transmission), but also aesthetics.



The best car is the one that best represents you in front of customers who use your company’s services. The fleet of competing companies in the circumstances must also be taken into account. It is important that your company’s image is different from the competition. Customers don’t have to understand that you were actually inspired by a tested recipe, that of a competitor.



If you want to outperform your competition, but at the moment it is too much financial effort, I advise you not to expose yourself riskily and unnecessarily to bank rates. The quality of a service is not only given by the model of the funeral machine itself. Quality services are based primarily on the quality of the character of the people in your company. Attention and empathy towards the family, as well as the willingness to solve problems are always the right attitude that highlights your company towards the competition. The idea is simple. I wanted to tell you that a good and quality car can be bought with less money. If you still don’t believe this, you can call me and we’ll tell you more.



In this sector, that of the sale of funeral machines, the market is quite small. Aircars is one of the major players in this market covering the area of ​​Central and Eastern Europe. We are a team of professionals who “breathe funeral machines” every day, and this can be seen in the results we have, the proposals and the sales we make.

  • Aircars gives you the assurance that your car is checked both technically and aesthetically at the entrance to our car park.
  • In over 95% of cases, used cars come from companies that buy another new funeral car on lease and exchange it for the “buy-back” method.
  • In this way, the funeral home companies give up the old funeral car, which is in fact part of the advance for the new one.
  • It should be noted that the old car will be withdrawn by Aircars only after passing the technical inspection performed by our mechanics. Otherwise it will not be accepted in the UsatoSelection car park of our company.
  • The fiscal, contractual documents as well as those regarding the registration and verification at RAR Romania are made available to the buyer together with the car.


Watch out for … CHEATERS !!!

It’s very easy to figure out whether or not to make a good choice with the seller. Just pay attention to a few details:

  • The person proposing to buy the car must always be the owner. The spell that he sells for a friend who is actually very busy is no longer believed. The owner of the car must also sign the sale-purchase contract with you.
  • Almost 100% of cases in Italy, for example, are owned by funeral homes. If a short time ago (30-60 days) the transfer of ownership from the funeral home to an individual was changed, I would suggest you abandon the discussion. It is the clearest sign that there is a major problem. If you do not pay attention to these types of details, it is very likely that you will be left with a bitter taste after a scam and so you will end up with the money given and the unresolved issue.
  • THE GOOD SAMARITE exists only in the BIBLE. If the hunter is not the actual owner of the car, it is clear that he is just an intermediary trying to make the most of a substantial commission. When problems arise he will tell you that he has done nothing but help you buy a hearse for your company. In such discussions, I advise you to abandon the negotiation. It is the strategy of those who speculate and do not want to take any responsibility. Although their price offer seems tempting, in the end you will pay much more.
  • Don’t pay anything in advance. No matter how small the amount required. This is just a way to hang on to the person proposing the purchase. The funeral machine must be paid for only after it has been seen and checked.
  • Tax documents as well as RAR registration documents must be delivered with the car.
  • The car tax certificate issued by the tax agency of the country of origin must be checked to avoid unpleasant surprises when you want to register it with RAR in Romania.
  • The seller must insure the cost of provisional registration (red numbers) as well as insurance until final registration in Romania.
  • You must receive the sale-purchase agreement prior to signing it by e-mail in order to verify the terms. Do not sign a contract if it has not been read beforehand!



It is very important that you receive the original registration documents of the car together with the car.

  • The contract of sale must be signed by both parties at the time of sale. The seller must also be the owner of the car which is the subject of the contract.
  • Insist on bank payment. The seller’s refusal to receive the money through the bank (regardless of the pretext) proves that there is something unclear in the middle and he does not want to have any responsibility when “the knot will reach the comb”
  • You do not agree to give money (under any circumstances or under any pretext) in advance for a hearse that has been shown only in pictures.



  • Always ask the seller as many questions as possible. Let him talk. Always ask to receive concrete and immediate answers to the questions asked.
  • Don’t agree to pay a down payment on a car you’ve only seen in pictures before. The car is paid when you pick it up, together with all the necessary documentation for registration in Romania.
  • Always ask to receive a copy of the original documents of the machine by e-mail to check the chassis series. Refusal to provide you with these documents clearly shows that something is wrong.
  • If the seller wants to end the conversation with you quickly due to lack of time or something else more important to do … it’s not a good sign.
  • Pay attention to the body. Over time, a hearse accumulates some body problems. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the entire body and make sure that the car is in good aesthetic condition when you buy it. This inspection of the body is said to be important both for the person who wants to buy and for the person who wants to sell.



  • The price of a used hearse must always be set in an objective way. I have noticed over the years that every funeral home company that wants to sell a used funeral car is of the opinion that their car is worth more than the market price for the same model, with the same type of equipment. It is important to get rid of this problem and think objectively about pricing.
  • When setting the price, the manner in which the machine has been maintained, the defects accumulated over time and the general technical condition are taken into account.
  • It happens to me personally to refuse entry to the UsatoSelection car park of some recently manufactured car models (4-6 years) and to accept older ones (10- 12 years). The reason is simple. There are cars that have been cared for by their former owners, they have few km and are qualitative, almost new, both mechanically and aesthetically.
  • An important thing to keep in mind is the person who made changes to the funeral car. If you are a serious manufacturer, with experience and reputation in the market, it can only be an added value to the car. If instead it was modified by a company that does not have a quality production process or was modified by someone who no longer exists on the market, it is a good reason to give up its acquisition.



There are companies that have modified cars in the past but have since closed their doors. The cars still on the market have a lower price due to the lack of spare parts supplies. In Italy, for example (without giving concrete names), there are companies with a not very good reputation in making funeral machines due to the quality of production. That’s why it’s important to know who modified the car you want to buy or sell. It is one of the criteria that will determine the sale-purchase price. Specifically, the pricing of a used hearse regardless of whether it is recently brought from Italy or is already registered and used in Romania will be influenced by certain factors such as:

  • The reputation and seriousness of the company that built / modified and approved the funeral machine.
  • General technical condition of the machine and how it has been cared for
  • Modified materials (steel sheet, fiberglass, carbon fiber, composite materials)
  • Periodic technical revisions made in authorized centers
  • Make, model, number of doors and wheelbase
  • Km must be original and must be verifiable.



If you had the patience and time to read this page up to this point I would like to tell you something more. Please consider this information as general. I don’t claim to teach anyone anything. But I advise you to sell the car with a positive attitude towards the buyer. It’s simple. Behave with those who want to buy the funeral machine for sale in the same way that you would like if you were in their place. Be honest and give real answers to all the questions they ask you. I assure you that in the end you will complete a successful transaction and you will gain a new friend.

Let’s just hear the good,
Emil Bran